A few important things you should know before donating

  • We are a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization certified by the United States' IRS. No funny business!
  • 100% of the donations we recieve go to feeding children. We are all unpaid volunteers.
  • No amount is too small! Feel free to input a custom donation amount. Every bit helps!
  • Donations are handled through Zeffy, a trusted and secure third-party service.
  • We love you! 💚

Our 2024 Fundraiser

We are currently fundraising for the first 6 months of 2024 to continue making our monthly purchases for the 11 local kitchens we support. Thanks to your kindness and generosity, each month we are able to provide over 2500 lbs. of food for children that are food-insecure. That is over 12,000 meals! If you are interested in a full monthly sponsorship for any one specific kitchen, please reach out to info@compassionkitchens.org. We are always looking for individuals and organizations to join our prestigious Kitchen Sponsorship Program.